Niu Kick Scooter Kqi3 Pro Nordic Ultra Black


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Niu Kick Scooter Kqi3 Pro Nordic Ultra Black

The electric scooter for you with high expectationsNIU KQi3 Pro is the perfect electric scooter to commute to work while giving you the freedom to go to all your activities. It is both easy and convenient to use with its great platform, sleek handles and stable but at the same time smooth driving experience. A quality product with attractive colours and details that make the difference. The top speed of 20 km / h takes you exactly where you want it fast, easy and soft.Ready and fully charged for when the work is doneWith its fantastic range of 50 km, you can easily take the NIU KQi3 Pro to work, charge it when you are there and get full power on the way home. The battery has a full 486 Wh and charges in 6 hours. This range and short charging time gives you new opportunities to go on new adventures!App management for the best experienceVia the app in your smartphone, you get an overview of battery status and history of your use and can also read it electronically. In addition, you can set the level you want to run: E-save, Sport, Custom or Pedestrian.Safe and easy to foldPut your NIU KQi3 Pro under the desk, in the cars trunk or take it on the train. It is easy to fold and take with you wherever you want. You can feel safe with both front and rear disc brakes, regenerative brakes at the rear, and a mechanical bell. The darkness does not stop you, as the NIU KQi3 Pro has front and rear LED lights.

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